Michael Vorkapich


Michael has been completing in agility for over 20 years. He has been to the CPE Nationals and taken High in Trial with one of his dogs. In addition, Michael has experience with AKC, NADAC, CPE, ASCA, UKC, UKI, USDAA, and AAC agility. His dog D'Argo has earned titles in all these organizations. In addition, he was the leader of 4-H agility in Washington state for many years, the Superintendent for 4-H agility in Washington state for several years and the Chairperson for the Overlake Collie Club agility trial.


Michael worked with 4-H for over 10 years, teaching children about agility. He helped to write the rule book for 4-H agility. Michael has trained with some of the best minds in agility in Washington. He constantly researches new methods and techniques for training and handling. A clicker trainer at heart, he uses positive reinforcement techniques to train dogs to the highest standards.

Our instructors are experienced

Sno-King instructors have many years of experience competing and training dog agility. Before becoming an instructor, an individual is required to complete an agility title on at least one dog and to have successfully assisted in one or more sessions of classes at the level they are going to teach.

All of our instructors are currently competing with their dog(s) in one or more of the organizations that hold trials in our area. They are familiar with the rules and nuances of the various organizations and can help you prepare your dog to compete. We do not advocate one agility venue over another; our instructors are happy to help our students prepare for whatever type of agility they wish to participate in.

Our Instructors