Michael Suhara and Karen Heesacker’s Callie

Michael and Karen are proud to announce that Callie has earned her very first title. She earned Novice FAST as the Evergreen Afghan Hound trial February 19, 2023.

Callie is now 3 years old. Three's a charm with Callie's birthday also being on the 3rd.

Callie was re-homed from Salt Lake City to a friend that has a kennel and trains dogs. However, that friend needed some kennel space and ended up re-homing Callie with Michael and Karen. They her 3rd pack (more 3s)!

Because of her history, Callie is hard to walk. Due to COVID, they have been working on Obediecne at home. They have not been to an Obedience class but Callie knows quite a lot including some super fun moves. She is a work in progress and hates being on leash, but she's slowly getting used to it.

When Callie gets close to French Creek Pet Resort or to competitions, she starts to get really excited. She knows the places by smell.

Callie once tried Barn Hunt and did very well so we do drop ins when we can

Karen attributes Callie's success to the Sno-King Agility Club. “Having a good trainer is the biggest hurdle!” she says. “Big shout out to Michael Vorkapich and janet Bredl. We love your training style!”

Name: Callie
Registered Name: K9 Callie
Breed: Not specified
Owner: Michael Suhara and Karen Heesacker
Titles Earned:

  • FAST

Other Awards:

  • FAST – 1st Place – Samoyed Club – 6/11/22
  • FAST – 1st Place – Labrador Retriever Club – 6/25/22
  • Jackpot – 1st Place – Sno-King – 8/6/22