Teresa Brown’s Em

Here's what Teresa has to say about her Caesar. “On March 3, 2007, I flew to Ohio to make my choice between Blue boy and Green boy. Meeting the 2 boys in the kitchen, green boy was jumping all over me and blue boy had a fish in his mouth standing in the corner growling trying to get me to play. Within 2 minutes, blue boy become Echo's Emperor of Rome, aka, Caesar. Even at 10 weeks, I was hoping he would become my playmate in the agility ring. He became fast friends with Figaro. On January 19, 2009 Caesar earned his conformation Champion just hours after earning his Rally novice title. April 11, 2009 he made his debut in the agility ring under Jo Ann Mather. He took 3 jumps and ran over to the table and Jo Ann had to blow the whistle.

A lot has changed since the 1st day. Several folks pointed out that he didn't like my voice and Caesar wasn't Figaro. So, we continued to work and finally in July, Caesar got his first qualifying leg. Since this 1st leg, Caesar has won the SCA Top Agility Dog for 2010 and 2011; was one of the 1st 12 Samoyeds to earn the SCA Versatility award and was invited to the Invitational as #11 in 2011. Also, he was featured in Dog News article on September 23, 2011 and on the front page of the Seattle PI in March representing agility at the Seattle Kennel Club show. Then on the morning of June 30, 2012 he was the 21st Samoyed to earn a MACH. Caesar landed #2 Samoyed for the 2012 Invitational and was the 1st Samoyed to earn a Time 2 Beat title. His nickname is still baby bear.”

Name: Caesar
Registered Name: Echo's Emperor Of Rome
Breed: Samoyed
Owner: Teresa Brown
Titles Earned:

  • Championship (AKC Conformation)
  • MACH (AKC Agility)
  • RN
  • MXC
  • MJG
  • MXP4
  • MXPB
  • MJP2
  • PAX
  • MXF
  • MFB
  • MFP
  • T2B
  • THD
  • CGC
  • VS