Kay Jackson’s Sam

Sam with his MACH 5 Ribbon

Kay Jackson’s Sam

We continue our Wags & Brags this week with a look back at another old champion. Kay Jackson’s Sam.

Sam was a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. His registered name was Tiffanys General “Sam” Houston. He competed in USDAA (United States Dog Agility Association) and AKC (American Kennel Club) Agility.

Sam was a ground-breaker in Sno-King’s history. He was the club’s second dog to earn an ADCH (Agility Dog Champion) from USDAA on April 18, 1999. He earned a MACH (Master Agility Champion) from AKC on July 2, 2002. This made him the club’s first dog to earn both these titles. He was the first Pembroke Welsh Corgi to earn both these titles in the United States. In fact, in 2000, Sam was ranked as the number one Pembroke Welsh Corgi in AKC Agility.

Sam weaves!

In 2001, Sam wen to the AKC Agility Nationals in Denver, Colorado and won the 8 inch class, making him a National Agility Champion (NAC). You can view previous Agility Nationals winners here.

In 2002, Sam and Kay went to the AKC Agility Nationals in Katy, Texas. Here he took second place in the 8 inch class.

On January 22, 2005, Sam became the first Pembroke Welsh Corgi to earn a MACH 5 (completed the requirements for the MACH title five times over)

  • NAC (National Agility Champion – AKC)
  • MACH5 (MACH five times over – AKC)
  • ADCH (Agility Dog Champion – USDAA)
  • TD (Tracking Dog – AKC)

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