Practices are for members only. New members, please take a moment to look over the facility rules and practice guidelines.

Practice Schedule
Remember to sign up with Alisa Sibley or Sandy Cox, practice coordinators, ahead of time. Questions or suggestions regarding practices, should also be directed to them.
NOTE: This schedule may change, so please check back frequently.

Date Time Location
Saturday 1/25/2014 after meeting Clearview

The practices will be listed on the Yahoo! list and if known enough in advance will be posted on the website.

Facility Rules
This facility is in a quiet, residential neighborhood, very close to people's homes. When they are not specifically reserved for us, they are used for other things. Whether you are there for practice or classes, please be considerate to our hosts and their neighbors. Use common sense and follow the rules outlined below. Thank you!

Practice Guidelines
The following practice guidelines were created in order to make our valuable practice time as effective and equitable as possible.