revised February 2009

Section I

The name of the club shall be Sno-King Agility Club, Inc.

Section II

The objects and purposes of the club shall be to promote the sport of dog agility by:

  1. Encouraging fanciers to abide by and accept the rules and regulations of any and all dog agility administrative organizations, where those rules and regulations are not in conflict with those of this Club.
  2. Protecting and advancing interest in the sport of agility for all dogs.
  3. Encouraging sportsmanlike conduct at all dog shows, tests/trials, fun matches and any other events in which agility fanciers participate.
  4. Promoting and educating all fanciers as to the importance of a sound, healthy dog in all aspects of canine sports and functions.
  5. Encouraging members to adhere to the Code of Ethics.
  6. Holding and supporting matches, trials, and other events in the area of dog agility.
  7. Disseminating information regarding agility training and competition.
  8. Sanctioned and licensed agility trials shall be held under the rules of the American Kennel Club.

Section III

The members of the Club shall adopt and may from time to time revise such by-laws and standing rules as may be required to carry out these objects and purposes.