Meet Jo ann Mather's Champion Shetland Sheepdog
MACH3 ADCH Jubilee Windgold Slickchick, CDX TD VCD2 RE PT MXF "Dixie"

Dixie proves that GREAT things come in SMALL packages. Here is what Jo Ann says about her wonderful little Dixie.

She came to me as an 11 week old puppy from her breeder in North Carolina. Three days later she fell off the bed and broke her leg, she wore a splint for six weeks. After it came off we did physical rehabilitation and I had her thoroughly checked out by Dr. Salewski, who proclaimed that she would be okay for agility.

At six months Dixie was attacked by a dog in class, causing her fear issues that we've battled with. Another attack came when she was two years old, right after finishing her AX and AXJ. She wasn't hurt, but scared witless, but it took a long time to recover from this one.

Dixie's first agility run was at Bell-Vernon in September, 2001, just about a year after breaking her leg. She was wild and crazy, prompting judge Ken Fairchild to comment, "She has a little bit of an attitude, doesn't she?". Dixie is known for her deceptive appearance at the start line. She sits there shyly and calmly, as if she's *never* going to move. Then she takes off like a rocket!

She got her first Double Q in September of 2002 -- it took almost two years to finish the MACH. She finished her MACH on August 21, 2004 a couple months after her 4th birthday. I think the MACH II will come a lot faster. Points are not an issue -- when she got her 20th Double Q she had about 1,000 points.

She's qualified for AKC Nationals the last two years. Dixie earned Double Qs at both Nationals in 2003 at Long Beach and another one this year in Tampa. Dixie and Jo Ann's friends and fellow club members are very proud of this dynamic duo for placing 3rd out of 202 dogs in the 12-inch class at the 2005 AKC Nationals and earning a Bronze Medal!!

In addition to finishing her MACH in 2005, Dixie also earned her CD and PT titles. Dixie and Jo Ann currently working on their USDAA MAD and ADCH titles. Dixie and Jo Ann earned MACH 2 at Seattle Kennel Club on March 12, 2006. Dixie earned her 60th double Q for MACH 3 at Bell Vernon Kennel Club on September 16th, 2007. Congratulations!!

Dixie has a page on Evergreen State Shetland Sheepdog Club website.