Meet Yvonne Anderson's Champion Border Collie
ADCH, V, U-CD, Hob Nob Never Ending Story, CD, HSAs, MX2, MXJ3, SACH, RCH, TM, JM, GM "Fable"


Fable earned his USDAA Agility Dog Championship on 6/8/08.


Some of his other accomplishments include:
  • 2008 Border Collie Society of America Versatility Award
  • 2008 Rainier Agility Team DAM Team Bronze Medalist
  • 2007 Cynosports World Games Grand Prix Semifinalist
  • 2007 USDAA Regional Championship Steeplechase Semifinalist
  • He's also Mr. February in the 2009 Border Collies in Agility calendar published by Brown Trout.

  • Fable has been a joy to train, he is an enthusiast learner and a wonderful companion, I wonder some days how I could be so lucky to have him as my canine performance partner. His two passions in life are agility and herding, but he is also a terrific obedience dog.

    I guess that's why he is called "Fabulous Fable"

    Fabletable FableTeeter Fablechutemane